Hire List

Specialist Equipment Hire


SHOWTECHNIX carries a range of specialist equipment that you can hire.

Contact us for more information, pricing and availability.


DiGiCo S21 Console
DiGiCo SD11 Console
DiGiCo D2 Rack 48/32
DiGiCo D Rack 32/16

EM Acoustics HALO-C Compact Line Array
EM Acoustics EMS118 single 18 Sub
EM Acoustics MC-12 Multipurpose Speakers / Monitors
EM Acoustics M12 Monitors
EM Acoustics M10 Monitors
EM Acoustics ESP8 Powered Speakers
EM Acoustics DQ20 Amplifier

Catchbox Lite
Catchbox Pro


Theatrixx xVision HDMI to SDI – SDI to HDMI Converters
Theatrixx xVision SDI to FIBRE – FIBRE to SDI Converters
Theatrixx xVision HDMI to HDBaseT – HDBaseT to HDMI Converters
Theatrixx xVision Audio De Embedder
Theatrixx xVision SDI DA
DMX Projector Dowser


Folding Braced Stands
Motor Controllers


Single Phase:
10A Tapon AC
16A Ceeform (Caravan)
32A Ceeform (Caravan)

3 Phase:
32A Ceeform
63A Ceeform
125A Ceeform

Various Adaptors


Atomic 3000 Strobe
Rosco Fixed Gobo Rotators
DHA Animation Wheel Units DMX Speed Adjustable
Longnose Chrome Pinspots
Festoons – Various 230V and 24V
Thorn 150W Discharge Outdoor Pars
Swisson Wired DMX Splitters
Swisson Wireless DMX Send and Receive Units
Chauvet BOB LED Flame Effects Floor or Hanging


Le Maître G Force 1 Smoke Machine
Le Maître Mini Mist Smoke Machine
Le Maitre One Shot Pyro Controller and Flash Pods
Mirror Balls and Rotators
Bubble Machine


Distro – 500A Powerlock to
1 x 125A 3 Phase – MCB,
1 x 63A 3 Phase – MCB,
1 x 63A 3 Phase – MCB/RCD,
1 x 32A 3 Phase – MCB,
2 x 32A 3 Phase – MCB/RCD,
3 x 16A Single Phase – RCBO

Distro – 63A to
1 x 32A 3 Phase – MCB,
1 x 32A Single Phase – MCB/RCD,
12 x 16 A Single Phase – RCBO

Distro – 63A to 2 x 32A PDL – MCB