Hire List

Specialist Equipment Hire


SHOWTECHNIX carries a range of specialist equipment that you can hire.

Contact us for more information, pricing and availability.


DiGiCo S31 Console
DiGiCo SD9 Console
DiGiCo D2 Rack 48/32
DiGiCo D Rack 32/16

EM Acoustics HALO-C Compact Line Array
EM Acoustics EMS118 single 18 Sub
EM Acoustics MC-12 Multipurpose Speakers / Monitors
EM Acoustics M12 Monitors
EM Acoustics M10 Monitors
EM Acoustics ESP8 Powered Speakers
EM Acoustics DQ20 Amplifier

Catchbox Lite
Catchbox Pro


Theatrixx xVision HDMI to SDI – SDI to HDMI Converters
Theatrixx xVision SDI to FIBRE – FIBRE to SDI Converters
Theatrixx xVision HDMI to HDBaseT – HDBaseT to HDMI Converters
Theatrixx xVision Audio De Embedder
Theatrixx xVision SDI DA
DMX Projector Dowser


Folding Braced Stands
Motor Controllers


Single Phase:
10A Tapon AC
16A Ceeform (Caravan)
32A Ceeform (Caravan)

3 Phase:
32A Ceeform
63A Ceeform
125A Ceeform

Various Adaptors


Atomic 3000 Strobe
Rosco Fixed Gobo Rotators
DHA Animation Wheel Units DMX Speed Adjustable
Chrome Par 64 Floor Cans
Longnose Chrome Pinspots
Gobo Clip MK2 Outdoor IP 150W Discharge Gobo Projectors
Festoons – Various 230V and 24V
Thorn 150W Discharge Outdoor Pars
Swisson Wired DMX Splitters
Swisson Wireless DMX Send and Receive Units
Chauvet BOB LED Flame Effects Floor or Hanging


Le Maître G Force 1 Smoke Machine
Le Maître Mini Mist Smoke Machine
Le Maitre One Shot Pyro Controller and Flash Pods
Magic FX CO2 GUN
Mirror Balls and Rotators
Bubble Machine


Distro – 500A Powerlock to
1 x 125A 3 Phase – MCB,
1 x 63A 3 Phase – MCB,
1 x 63A 3 Phase – MCB/RCD,
1 x 32A 3 Phase – MCB,
2 x 32A 3 Phase – MCB/RCD,
3 x 16A Single Phase – RCBO

Distro – 63A to
1 x 32A 3 Phase – MCB,
1 x 32A Single Phase – MCB/RCD,
12 x 16 A Single Phase – RCBO

Distro – 63A to 2 x 32A PDL – MCB