AKG PZM10 Crown Low-Profile Pressure Zone Mic

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AKG PZM10 Crown Low-Profile Pressure Zone Mic


Inconspicuous assistant

The PZM10, part of the Pressure Zone Microphone line, is designed for security, surveillance, and conference-table use. The special housing design allows the microphone to be mounted into tables, walls or ceilings easily and inconspicuously.

Using Pressure Zone Microphone technology, the PZM10 is highly sensitive and delivers a wide and smooth frequency response. Thus the PZM10 is characterized by excellent clarity and a consistent pickup anywhere around the mic.

General Specifications

Audio frequency bandwidth 80 – 20000 Hz
Equivalent noise level 26 dB-A
Sensitivity 2.5 mV/Pa
Signal to Noise 68 dB-A
Recommended load impedance 2000 Ohms

Additional information

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