AKG PZM6D Crown Small Pressure Zone Boundary Mic

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AKG PZM6D Crown Small Pressure Zone Boundary Mic


Small but mighty

The PZM6 D high-performance hemispherical boundary layer microphone is designed for many applications, from miking full orchestras or individual musical instruments to security or teleconferencing, as well as film and video productions. A very small metal housing makes the PZM6 D even more inconspicuous than the PZM30 D.

Two selectable frequency responses (flat/rising) provide greater flexibility in mic placement and sonic character. The rising position delivers bright sound without boosting high frequencies on the recording console. The flat position provides a smooth, flat, high-frequency response for natural sound reproduction. The PZM6 D provides a professional XLR connector on a fixed cable.

General Specifications
Audio frequency bandwidth 20 – 20000 Hz
Sensitivity 7 mV/Pa
Signal to Noise 74 dB-A

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