Artistic Licence Candle-Power CP24

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Artistic Licence
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Artistic Licence Candle-Power CP24



Candle-Power is an LED dimmer designed to control high power LED devices such as those available from Lumileds and Cree.

Candle-Power is based on a modulation technique, invented by Artistic Licence, called Asymmetric Frequency Modulation AFM.

The product is a Rack-Mounted enclosure providing up to 24 channels of dimming. It has an internal universal mains PSU so is a self-contained unit. Each of the 24 outputs can drive one to twelve high power LEDs in series. This provides a total load capability of 288 LEDs (subject to internal PSUs).

Candle-Power 24 is available in three standard variants described by the part number as follows:

CP24-xx-yyymA (aaV-bbbW)

  • xx is the number of channels (up to 24 maximum)
  • yyy is the current rating of the module (350mA, 700mA or custom)
  • aa is the voltage of internal PSU (24V, 48V or custom)
  • bbb is the power available (300W or 600W)

1W LEDs are normally driven at 350mA. 3W LEDs are normally driven at 700mA.





  • DMX512 / RDM V1.0 Standard operation
  • 24 channel, 8 Lamp control
  • 3U 19″ Rack Mount Case
  • Automatic compensation for cable voltage drop
  • High efficiency and low heat generation
  • Smooth dimming curve with good low end control
  • Modular solution
  • Short proof and self protecting outputs
  • Universal mains input
  • Rear panel push connections
  • Status LED indicators



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Weight 4.4 kg

CP24-24-350mA (24V-300W), CP24-24-700mA (48V-300W), CP24-24-700mA (48V-600W)