Artistic Licence daliDongle

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Artistic Licence
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Artistic Licence daliDongle



daliDongle is a USB-to-DALI converter, designed to work in conjunction with the free Artistic Licence software application, DMX-Workshop. Together, daliDongle and DMX-Workshop provide a powerful analysis and configuration tool for DALI networks.

daliDongle is aimed at product developers while also enabling advanced troubleshooting of DALI systems. The product can transmit and receive DALI, and also indicates the presence of DALI bus power.

daliDongle is powered by the USB connection.

NOTE: daliDongle is not compatible with Tridonic software.






  • Used in conjunction with DMX-Workshop
  • Transmit / Receive DALI messages
  • Transmit Channel / Group / Broadcast ARC messages using sliders
  • Sniff and decode DALI messages
  • Emulate multiple Type 0 DALI ballasts
  • Listing: CE
  • IP Rating: Indoor Use
  • Power: From USB interface
  • Height: 11mm
  • Width: 29mm
  • Length: 86mm
  • Connections: Flying lead included
  • DALI connections via crocodile clips
  • Net Mass: 0.15 kg





Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 8.6 × 2.9 × 1.1 cm