Artistic Licence DMX-Buffer

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Artistic Licence


Artistic Licence DMX-Buffer


Ever need to go further than the maximum of 300m with DMX?

Don’t want to use an expensive DMX Splitter for a simple job?

DMX-Buffer allows you to go that extra distance by re-buffering a DMX line giving you an extra 300m. Housed in a protective metal case and powered from a standard 9V PSU with a DC jack connector, installing and using DMX-Buffer could not be simpler.

  • DMX-Buffer XLR uses a standard 5-pin male XLR connector that is terminated internally. The output connector is an 5-pin female XLR connector.
  • DMX-Buffer RJ45 has an input Ethercon that is terminated internally. The output connector is also an Ethercon allowing the easy use of Cat5 cable.

Full RDM support is also provided so not only can you control the DMX fixtures you can also configure them from a further distance. External PSU required; we recommend PSU-9-1.5-DCJ.


  • Protected DMX512 input
  • Single buffered output
  • Bidirectional data comms
  • Desktop Style case
  • Compatible with DMX512, DMX512 (1990), DMX512-A
  • Protocols: RDM V1.0 (E1.20 – 2010 ESTA Standard)




Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 4.2 × 8.8 × 5.8 cm
Connector type

XLR5, RJ45