Catchbox Plus Presenter Mic

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Catchbox Plus Presenter Mic


Catchbox Presenter Mic is a wireless beltpack microphone for individual use on stage as well as in front of students. Compatible with Catchbox Plus system Presenter Mic is the most versatile solution for public speakers and educators when combined with Catchbox for audience and student engagement.

Note: For this product to operate, it requires a Catchbox Plus receiver. This product DOES NOT include a receiver.



  • Compatible with Catchbox Plus system
    Presenter Mic can be simultaneously used with Catchbox Plus throwable microphone, while both are connected to a single receiver. When used with Catchbox Plus, Presenter Mic allows you to speak to the audience while Catchbox is being thrown around.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    The integrated re-chargeable Li-ion battery ensures a much more environmentally-friendly use of resources by eliminating the use of any disposable batteries or cables.

  • Global, License-free Use
    Catchbox Plus uses DECT 6.0 (USA) or DECT (EU and other regions) radio standard and works without a license.

  • Versatile usage
    Presenter Mic has an External Mic jack, as well as built-in mic, so it can be used with an External Mic, or held, while using the built-in mic



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