Chroma-Q Space Force twobyfour

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Chroma-Q Space Force twobyfour



The Chroma-Q Space Force twobyfour is a cost-effective, bright, high quality variable white LED soft light panel that is a modern replacement for traditional soft sources used in TV studios, live broadcast, film, green screen, backdrop, and photographic applications.

Various options available, contact us for details.





  • High quality, pure, diffused soft lighting
  • Variable white – 2,800K – 6,000K
  • Smooth, soft uniform beam
  • Up to 55,000 lumens
  • 8 individually control zones
  • Convection cooling for quiet operation
  • Lightweight (21.4kg / 47lbs) with built-in power & dimming
  • Standard 24.6” x 48.5” size, 1:2 ratio (fits in a drop ceiling tile)
  • Variable PWM flicker-free operation
  • Wireless DMX (optional) / RDM
  • Chroma-Q’s proven LED performance




Additional information

Weight 32.3 kg
Dimensions 139.7 × 72.4 × 35.6 cm

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