Custom Glass Gobo 2 Colour

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Custom Glass Gobos 2 Colour


Ever wanted your logo, company name or a message projected onto a surface or building? or have a specific image you want to project? It dosent have to be just text.


This is done with a Gobo, detailed or more complicated artwork is projected with a Glass Custom Gobo and this option includes 2 layers of colour


Available in all Sizes, consult your lighting deisgner or production company for more details.


For more complicated and colour options Custom Glass Colour Gobos are avaialble, have a look through our gobo section for all the options.




To order we’ll need your artwork prefreably in .eps or .ai

Other acceptable formats are .psd, .tif and .pdf

Not preferred but can be used dependent on quality Word, .jpeg and .gif

Size of the gobo, and how many copies you require



email us for more details [email protected]



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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 0.5 × 10 cm