RF Venue CX-22 Architecturally Discreet Ceiling Antenna

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RF Venue
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RF Venue CX-22 Architecturally Discreet Ceiling Antenna


The CX-22 provides remote antenna coverage for installed wireless microphones in diverse architectural environments.

Designed for wideband UHF, it also features strong sensitivity in the 216 MHz range to accommodate assistive listening systems.

The CX-22 is mounted in a low-profile, 14” X 14” form factor for ceiling installation. Popular in training facilities, classrooms, lecture-halls, houses of worship, and boardrooms, the CX-22 is an ideal tool for maximizing signal where aesthetic considerations make placement of traditional directional antennas impossible, as well as for distributed antenna systems (DAS) in large facilities with drop-ceiling environments.

The CX-22 ships in matte white and can be painted to match any interior. *Paints that contain carbon black, lead, or metallic powder may affect performance.

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