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This card provides 16 output channels at 48KHz (with SRC) and Supports Aviom’s proprietary A-Net Pro 16 protocol. It has 1 CAT5E connection and faceplate DIP switched for Stereo output selection.

The DMI-AVIOM allows easy integration with Aviom’s personal monitoring systems through the use of their A-Net protocol. The card provides 16 output channels (8 stereo) at 48kHz with inbuilt sample rate conversion for seamless compatibility with consoles running at 48kHz or 96kHz and supports Aviom’s proprietary A-Net Pro16 protocol. It has 1 Ethercon connection and faceplate DIP switches for stereo output selection.





  • 16 output channels (8 stereo)
  • Faceplate DIP switches for stereo output selection
  • Inbuilt sample rate conversion
  • Compatible with S-Series, Quantum Range, SD12, Orange Box and 4REA4