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This card can be used to connect another DiGiCo device that uses RJ45 Standard MADI (64 channels in and out) at 48KHz or 96KHz or an SD Series DiGiCo Rack with the appropriate connector (D-Rack, D2-Rack)

MADI (Multichannel Audio Digital Interface) is arguably one of the most popular protocols for transmitting high channel counts in professional audio. This is partially due to its ease of use, and the ability for cables to be run long lengths with minimal signal loss. Originally only capable of transmitting 56 channels, MADI is now capable of transmitting up to 64 channels.

DiGiCo offers two MADI DMI cards, each with different connector types. Both the MADI-B (BNC) and the MADI-C (RJ45) cards can be used to connect up to 64 channels of audio in and out at both 48kHz and 96kHz. At 48kHz, the B connection can be used as a redundant audio stream. Should the A stream fail during use, the B stream will seamlessly take over. At 96kHz, the B connection must be connected to provide the full channel count.




  • RJ45 connection
  • 64 channels in and out at 48kHz and 96kHz
  • Redundancy if working at 48kHz
  • Only for use with DiGiCo audio over Cat5 devices
  • Internal switches to determine whether connected to a console or a rack
  • Compatible with S-Series, Quantum Range, SD12, Orange Box and 4REA4



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