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Doughty Atom Swivel Coupler

$77.67$94.08 + GST NZD


Doughty Atom Swivel Coupler

The Atom Swivel Coupler provides a firm fixing between adjacent bars whilst allowing 360 degrees of movement.
Manufactured from high tensile Aluminium Extrusion. Available in Polished Aluminium (Silver) and Black.

Parallel and 90 degree fixed versions are available.




  • SWL: 100 Kg
  • Width: 21mm
  • Tube Centres: 47.5mm


Colour and Size

Polished Aluminium (Silver) – 25mm, Polished Aluminium (Silver) – 32mm, Polished Aluminium (Silver) – 35mm, Polished Aluminium (Silver) – 38mm, Black – 25mm, Black – 32mm, Black – 35mm, Black – 38mm