EM Acoustics FG HALO C Flying Grid FG-HALO-C

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EM Acoustics
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EM Acoustics FG HALO C Flying Grid FG-HALO-C




Showtechnix is Proudly the exclusive distributor of the EM Acoustics Audio Systems in New Zealand…


FG Halo C Flying Grid





The FG HALO C is the master flying grid for the system, and provides a means of safely and swiftly flying arrays of Halo C Ements, Halo CS Subwofers or a combinatinoof both.

Up to 24 HALO C elements, or a combinatino of HALO C and HALO CS subwoofers (Where one HAO CS woudl replace two HALO C elements) can be safely flown.


When inverted, the FG HALO CS grid provides a means of ground stacking HALO C elements driect onto stages or onto larger subwoofer systems if required with rubber feet to provide grip.
A mounting plate for the TEQSAS LAP_TEQ laser inclinometer system to assist with array aiming when in use.

the FG HALO C is supplied with two 1 Ton shackels for pick up and safety points




Compact Line Array …Redefined

In 2008, EM Acoustics broke new ground launching the HALO small-format line array system.

Utilising the latest advancements in drive unit and crossover technology, EM Acoustics are proud to announce the release of its successor – HALO Compac


Unrivalled Performance

HALO Compact is the culmination of 5 years of development since the original HALO system was launched – and represents a huge step forwards in terms of what is expected from a “compact” line array. Smaller, lighter and more cost effective,

HALO Compact has also made a vast advance in sonic performance compared to other products on the market today.

The impulse and associated phase response of the system is unrivalled – leading to a stunning level of detail and sonic realism that will reveal subtleties in your mix you never thought possible.











Flying Hardware

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