EM Acoustics i-C15 Two-Way Passive Coaxial Loudspeaker

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EM Acoustics i-C15 Two-Way Passive Coaxial Loudspeaker


The i-C15 is the larger of two new dedicated passive installation loudspeakers from EM Acoustics – additions to the i-Series intended to provide a high quality solution in fixed installation environments where some of the features popular with “mobile” products are not required. The i-C15 has a frequency response of 55Hz – 18kHz which can be extended by adding any subwoofer from the EM Acoustics product range for a more full range system solution.



  • Coaxial design for true point-source performance in compact footprint
  • Signature EM Acoustics passive crossover for unprecedented frequency and phase response
  • Precise, controlled HF coverage pattern for high feedback stability
  • Conical 80° dispersion pattern
  • Premium 15mm multi-laminate birch plywood enclosure
  • Black or white textured paint finish
  • Optional RAL custom colours
  • Multiple threaded rigging points compatible with OmniMount and Powerdrive brackets
  • Hex-punched steel grille backed with acoustically transparent fabric


The compact and sleek enclosure contains a 3” (75mm) diaphragm, 1.3” exit HF compression drive unit coaxially loaded by a 15” (381mm) LF drive unit, linked via a signature EM Acoustics internal passive crossover network. Both the LF and HF drive units share the same magnet assembly, reducing overall weight and enclosure profile. The coaxial drive unit arrangement provides a smooth conical 80° dispersion pattern for maximum coverage, allowing the speaker to be deployed in either a vertical or horizontal orientation while still retaining the same dispersion pattern. Optimal reflex tuning extends low frequency response to allow the i-C15 to be used stand-alone for speech or moderate duty music reinforcement applications, or with subwoofers from the EM Acoustics range to further extend LF response.

The robust enclosure is constructed from premium multi-laminate Birch plywood and is finished in impact resistant textured paint. The enclosure contains four M10 exposed-thread rigging points specifically for use with optional horizontal or vertical accessory cradles.

Additionally, four M8 threaded points are provided on one of the angled back faces for installation using OmniMount™ Series 60 or PowerDrive Series 100 bracket products. The asymmetrical cabinet shape permits installation closer to walls or ceilings than a traditional trapezoidal enclosure, and also allows the i-C15 to be conveniently used as a stage monitor with a choice of two wedge angles.

The i-C15 is supplied in black or white as standard, however RAL colour matching is available if required. The front of the loudspeaker is protected by a rigid steel grille backed with acoustically transparent fabric for a stylish and discreet appearance. A recessed panel on the rear of the enclosure provides two Neutrik® SpeakON™ NL4 connectors for input and enclosure link.

The i-C15 requires a single amplifier channel, and should be used with professional power amplifiers capable of delivering 750-1000W RMS into an 8-ohm load. For best results, the EM Acoustics DQ10 or DQ20 advanced system amplifiers should be used, or the AQ-10 power amplifier.



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Weight 32.3 kg
Dimensions 69 × 44 × 41 cm