EM Acoustics EMS-215 Quasi Bandpass Subwoofer

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Introducing EMS-215 Quasi Bandpass Subwoofer




The EMS-215/215C is a compact, powerful subwoofer, intended to support the larger fullrange loudspeakers from the EMS Series.  Two options are available with this subwoofer model – both utilising high excursion 15” (381mm) drive units with 4” (102mm) voice coils.  The standard EMS-215 is fitted with neodymium magnet drive units, to keep weight to a minimum for touring applications.  For installation or more cost-sensitive applications, the EMS-215C is identical in size and performance, yet contains ceramic magnet drive units which results in a more cost-effective loudspeaker, with a slight increase in weight.

The enclosure is constructed from premium grade multi-laminate Birch plywood and is finished in impact resistant paint.  Physical characteristics differ slightly between the two models.  On the EMS-215, four flush handles and three 35mm pole adapters are provided, whereas the EMS-215C has four steel bar handles (to aid with the increased weight) as well as rubber feet with matching recesses.  The EMS-215C also has two pole adapters, which can be specified as either 35mm or M20 threaded.  Both subwoofer versions also include tour-grade castors as standard.  The enclosure is finished in black textured paint as standard, however weather-protection options as well as custom RAL code colours are also possible.

The EMS-215/215C can add low frequency power and extension to systems based around the EMS-121X, EMS-122 or larger fullrange enclosures.  The EMS-215/215C requires active high/low pass filters and a single amplifier channel capable of delivering 1200-1600W RMS into a 4 ohm load.  For best results the EM Acoustics AQ-10 or AD-9 amplifiers should be used.



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