Eurocable ENG “CRON 1” Cable CVS LKCRON 1

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Eurocable ENG “CRON 1” Cable CVS LKCRON 1


Eurocable ENG cables are designed for Electronic News Gathering applications. These cables allow having only one cable running from the reporter site, where camera, monitor and mixer are located, to the van.
The double spiral tinned copper shield guarantees 100% coverage on the power conductor (3 x 1.5 mm²). Video coax channelsconsist of 75 ohm miniaturized cables. These coax plus intercom and audio conductors are held together by a cotton braid. Overall tinned copper braid shield and PVC jacket complete the cable.
Please note: The power shield must be connected to earth and the overall shield to the chassis of the devices.

  • Six audio, four video, eight intercom or phone lines, one 3 x 1.50 mm² power


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Dimensions 100 cm