Griven Gobostorm IP65 Gobo Projector MSD/MSR 575

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Griven Gobostorm IP65 Gobo Projector MSD/MSR 575


GOBOSTORM is a fully weatherproofed (IP65) outdoor use high power zoom optics gobo projector.

Using a 575W metal halide lamp with a high precision optical group, GOBOSTORM can project images with high brightness and clarity.

The high power lamp gives the ability to project at long distances or to create enormous impact when used for closer projections. GOBOSTORM has on-board dip-switch panel for digital data assignment and stand-alone operation control.

These functions can alternatively be operated from an external digital controller for a maximum of 1 channel of DMX.

The zoom and focus are manually set and the projection angle range can be extended by the narrow and wide lens options.

This gives much flexibility with image size and projection distance. GOBOSTORM is designed for easy installation and programming, together with reliability even in the harshest weather conditions.

This is a new opportunity for advertising, logo or image creation, in any outdoor urban environment.



Type: MSD 575, 575W / MSR 575, 575W
Base: GX9.5

Projection angle: 10° and 16°
Zoom: Manual linear zoom
Focus: Manual

Gobo´s: 1 (not included)
D. size: Ext. 53.3 – Int. 40 mm
Dichroic Filter: 1 combined with gobo
Rotation: Yes

Settings: Dipswitch
Modes: DMX, Master-Slave
Channels: 1

Power supply: 200-220/230-250, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 4.3A / 730W max
Fuse: Self resetting
Electrical class: I
Safety: CE

Material: Aluminum body
Finish: Grey scratch resistant textured polyester
Protection: UV deterioration and general corrosion
Glass: Shock resistant, tempered front glass
Cooling: Convention with axial fan
Shock resistance: 0.8J
IP rating: IP65
Weight: 20Kg (ballast: 12 Kg)

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 76 × 76 × 81 cm