HDMI over 1 CAT6 Extender Kit (Sender & Receiver) UH-1D

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HDMI over 1 CAT6 Extender Kit (Sender & Receiver) UH-1D


Hall research 





  • Uses only one Cat5e/6 cable to extend HDMI™ without compression
  • Can extend Full HD (1080p) to 130 ft (40m)
  • Provides local HDMI loop-output on the transmitter for connection to local monitor or to another UH-1D sender
  • EDID learn button (to store and emulate EDID from any display)
  • Supports HDCP
  • Receiver provides both 3.5mm analog and RCA digital audio outputs




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The UH-1D is a member of the video over twisted pair extension line from Hall Research. This economical and easy to install extension kit uses only a single UTP (Cat6) cable to extend Full HD 1080p HDMI signals to over 130 ft (40m),or 720p/1080i to 170 ft (52m). The product is comprised of a sturdy and compact Sender and a corresponding Receiver.

The UH-1D offers several unique features such as a local HDMI output (loop) on the Sender for connection to a local monitor, and EDID management capability with ability to learn and emulate EDID from any display. In addition to the HDMI video output, the Receiver provides both digital audio (SPDIF) as well as analog stereo (L/R) outputs for connection to audio equipment.

The UH-1D allows connection of an IR detector and an IR emitter cable to each end. This provides the ability to extend IR signals in either direction. For example, when an IR detector is connected to the remote Receiver and IR emitter is connected to the sender, the user, from the remote TV end; can control the source using an IR remote. IR cables are sold separately.

The devices have L-shaped brackets on each end for easy surface mounting and they feature locking HDMI connectors to secure compatible locking cables such as Hall Research C-HDMI-L series cables.

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