Le Maitre Gforce 1 Smoke Machine (basic no remote)

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Le Maitre
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Le Maitre Gforce 1 Smoke Machine



The GForce Basic and GForce DMX are the entry level models in Le Maitre’s GForce range of high powered, continuous flow, water based smoke machines, based on the core technologies of G300.

It has continuous flow capability and is used with an additional remote control – either the Variflow which controls the amount of smoke produced, or the Varitime which not only controls the amount of smoke produced, but also the duration of the smoke burst (0-30 seconds) and the intervals (0-20 minutes).

Ideal for us on stage and film, sporting events, theme parks and in fire safety training.



  • Maximum smoke output 19000 cbm/hr
  • Fluid consumption 0.75cc/s (cont); 3cc/s (burst) (90 mins/4L or 112mins/5L)
  • Standard and DMX models
  • Remote control options: Varitime & Variflow
  • Removable external bottle carrier


  • Standard Smoke Fluid; Global Long Lasting Fluid; Quick Dissipating Fluid; Extra Quick Dissipating Fluid; Industrial Fluid;
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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 cm