Le Maitre Pyroflash Holders & Hardware

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Le Maitre
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Le Maitre Pyroflash Holders & Hardware



All Le Maitre Pyroflash cartridges and firing systems require the use of a Flash Pod.

Flash Pods – designed with both 3 pin Bulgin and quick connectors. Also available as a Twin Pod which is a double flash pod, ideal for firing two effects individually using a channel selector on the pyro controller. The Twin Pod (product code 1121) is only for use with a 6/24 Controller.

Pyroflash Streamer and Confetti Cartridges also require the use of Anglepods and Fixing Clamps.

Splitter Box – when used with the Pyroflash 6/24 firing system, the splitter box increases the number of effects that can be fired. Inputs and outputs are via 3 pin Bulgin connections. Splits each channel of the 6/24 into 4 channels.


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Flash Pod Standard, Variable angled flash pod, Twin Pod, Splitter box for pyroflash 6/24