LK 16 Pole Speaker Panel Male Connector LKA DPMS PA B

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LK 16 Pole Speaker Panel Male Connector


16 Pin


LKA D PMS B Speaker Multipin Panel Male Connector

Solder Pins ( additional )


Link has also developed a standard speaker connector based on the Socapex style, featuring 16 pins, following indications from some of the largest international rental companies.

This configuration enables to have a sufficient number of contacts for this application, avoiding the risk of incorrect interconnections with lighting connectors
and to preserve the possibility to utilize the various models available in the standard LKS 19 pin range, like connectors with rubber locking ring in various colors
(usually red), with set screw, long backshell etc.

The standard LKS 19 pin connector is also available.





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Dimensions 10 × 15 cm