Luminex LumiSplit 2.10
Luminex LumiSplit 2.10

Luminex LumiSplit 2.10

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Luminex LumiSplit 2.10

The most versatile rack-mounted DMX splitter for professional lighting solutions, perfect for touring and live events.




High port flexibility

The 10 port LumiSplit with A/B zone selection offers you the highest port flexibility at configuring multiple DMX lines.

Advanced RDM features

Manage and set-up all your lighting fixtures and LumiSplit devices through any RDM controller.

RDM port filtering

Non-RDM lighting fixtures never behave strange anymore thanks to RDM filtering per port.

Merge and back-up mode

LumiSplit 2.10 can be configured in different modes such as HTP/LTP merging mode and back-up mode.

Optic and galvanic isolation

Full isolation safeguards the device against spikes and power surges on the network.

Touring approved

Metal housing and ruggedized Ethercon connectors, ideal for touring and live events.

LumiSplit 2.10 is the result of ten years of experience with Remote Device Management.

This rack-mounted 2.10 splitter covers all features of the LumiSplit family and will give you a whole new perspective on Remote Device Management.

Because the new boosters are now visible and configurable from any RDM controller, they enable technicians to manage and configure their devices and fixtures like never before.

And the RDM filter per zone (A/B) or per port prevents lighting fixtures from being flooded by undesired RDM packets.

Designed with a robust housing with galvanic and optical isolation per outlet, and Neutrik PowerCon True1 connector, LumiSplit is sure to become a favourite for touring and live events.

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Dimensions 49 x 21 x 8.5 cm