Milos Duo Circle

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Milos Duo Circle

  • Curved profiles add bespoke style to any area or exhibit
  • Precision CNC rolling process to create any radius from 750mm upwards
  • Fast connection for quick, simple and secure assembly
  • Powder coat colour finish available on request
  • No maximum diameter limit
  • Minimum diameter is 1.4m (4.6′)
  • Longest curved segment is 3.2m (10.5′)
  • Increments of four (4) allow the most reconfiguration flexibility. This also allows a circle to be used complete, as 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or together with standard straight truss and junctions.
  • Multiple choices for segment configuration


Series Outer Diameter Segments
M290 D 3m (9.84’) 4
M290 D 4m (13.12’) 4
M290 D 5m (16.40’) 8
M290 D 6m (19.69’) 8
M290 D 8m (26.25’) 8
M390 D 4m (13.12’) 4
M390 D 5m (16.40’) 8
M390 D 6m (19.69’) 8
M390 D 8m (26.25’) 8
M390 D 10m (32.81’) 12


Custom sizes made to order. Contact us to find out more.


Additional information

Series / Size

M290B, M290V, M390K, M390L

Circle Diameter

3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, Custom