Milos MT3 Rigging Tower

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Milos MT3 Tower


Designed to handle the largest events and applications, the MT3 Rigging Tower is for those who require the maximum loading and free-span specifications. No matter how large or demanding your event, the MT3 will be a strong partner for your outdoor stage needs.


Key Benefits

  • High-capacity M520T series tower system – 13,5m (44.29 ft) max height
  • Sleeve block options for M400 & M520 & M950 ranges
  • Reinforced head section with built-in facility for dead-hanging
  • Sleeve block chain hoist connection bracket available
  • Guy wire connection points via extra bolt-on hangers
  • Optional tower helper erecting frame available
  • Short or long outriggers (incl. stabilising braces) available
  • Adjustable base feet with rubber pads for optimal friction
  • Scaffold type base feet available on request


Technical information

  • Height: 13.5m
  • Max SWL: 3000kg
  • Self Weight: 576kg


Additional information

Weight 576 kg