Theatrelight NebulaLED – Digital Dimmer

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NebulaLED – Digital Dimmer


Designed for flexibility, and reliability, the Nebula digital dimmer offers a wide range of features accessed through an easy to use LCD display and

intuitive menu system.

The internal temperature sensing fan, efficient toroidal chokes and thermal/magnetic circuit breakers keep this dimmer pack performing under the most rigorous conditions.

The wide range of automatic input voltage and frequency sensing means this pack will work on any mains supply in the world, making it the ideal dimmer

pack for both touring and permanent installation.

It is available in a variety of different channel and output configurations, and can be customised to order.


  • Large 4 line, 20 character auto dimming blue LCD display
  • Each dimmer may be patched to any DMXchannel
  • Individual Dimmer Curve/Non-Dim setting per dimmer
  • Programmable DMX Start, DMX Patch, and DMX Fail modes
  • Decodes up to Chn 4096 for multiple universe installations
  • Individual Min, Max, Switch Off, and Test levels per dimmer
  • Individual Proportional Level and Soft-start Time per dimmer.
  • All dimmer parameters held in non-volatile flash memory
  • DMX-512 in and through connectors
  • Variable speed cooling fan for low acoustic noise and long life
  • Amorphous iron powder toroidal chokes for low EMI
  • Hard fired SCR circuitry with high immunity to mains noise
  • Load and SCR protection by Thermal/Magnetic circuit breakers
  • Isolated, floating DMX input, 1/8 th standard RS-485 load


TLDIM-NEBULA1210-SKT NebulaLED, 12 x 10amp MCBs, SCRs, Term/Socket
TLDIM-NEBULA1210-SOC NebulaLED, 12 x 10amp MCBs, SCRs, Socapex Out
TLDIM-NEBULA1210-TERM NebulaLED, 6 x 32 amp MCBs, SCRs, Terminal (indent only) 

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Weight 16 kg

TLDIM-NEBULA1210-SKT  NebulaLED, 12 x 10amp MCBs, SCRs, Term/Socket , TLDIM-NEBULA1210-SOC  NebulaLED, 12 x 10amp MCBs, SCRs, Socapex Out , TLDIM-NEBULA1210-TERM  NebulaLED, 6 x 32 amp MCBs, SCRs, Terminal (indent only)