Powersafe 500A Drain DIN Fuse Carrier Adaptor (Powerlock & VEAM Compatible)

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Powersafe 500A Drain DIN Fuse Carrier Adaptor (Powerlock & VEAM Compatible)


The DIN Fuse Carrier Adaptor was designed to provide a safe

and efficient way of connecting a Powersafe Connection to

DIN Fuse carrier racks which are mounted on most of the European power distribution boards.

There are 2 sizes available, DIN00 (blade length 80mm) and DIN01 (blade length 150mm). They both come in Full Copper Blade and Half Copper Blade versions, which gives the user the choice as to which side they wish to feed.

These adaptors are rated at 500A.


Australia and New Zealand Compatible Colours



For many years electrical utility companies have used this range of Network Connection Devices.

Our range of clamps and connectors are specifically designed to allow hook-up of mobile generators direct to various equipment within the electricity network. The most typical application is where a temporary generator is synchronized with and switched into the live network, during fault rectification or maintenance works.


The connectors on the clamps are also colour coded and keyed to distinguish between phases and prevent connection errors.

Contact us for more details on these and the other Network Connectors available from Phase 3 Connectors info@showtechnix.com

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Fuse Carrier Din 00 FCB-PD-N-BK-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 00 FCB-PD-1-R-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 00 FCB-PD-2-WH-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 00 FCB-PD-3-BL-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 00 HCB-PD-N-BK-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 00 HCB-PD-1-R-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 00 HCB-PD-2-WH-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 00 HCB-PD-3-BL-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 01 FCB-PD-N-BK-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 01 FCB-PD-1-R-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 01 FCB-PD-2-WH-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 01 FCB-PD-3-BL-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 01 HCB-PD-N-BK-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 01 HCB-PD-1-R-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 01 HCB-PD-2-WH-T5, Fuse Carrier Din 01 HCB-PD-3-BL-T5