Powersafe 800A Rotalock Line Source Crimp Connector (Powerlock & VEAM Compatible)

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Phase 3
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Powersafe 800A Rotalock Line Source Crimp Connector (Powerlock & VEAM Compatible) 240mm, 300mm,



The highest rated and safest connectors on the market!


Line Source Rotalock (Female Cable Socket) Crimp

800A Crimp Connectors come in the following sizes 240mm, 300mm,

All our Powersafe Range of connectors, Line Source, Line Drain, Panel Source and Panel Drain are fully compatible with ITT Powerlock and Veam Powerlock range of connectors.

Whether used on a City Street, a Mine, Shipping, half way up a mountain or overseas, our connectors deliver every day all over the world.

Whatever your requirement, from one connector, to one set, to 1000 connectors or 1000 sets, Showtechnix has them all available for you.

Australia and New Zealand Compatible Colours (Other Colours Also Available)

The Powersafe connector series is based on a standard format mechanically keyed and locked high current single pole connectors as utilised by the UK and European temporary power industries.

Raising the bar

The Powersafe connector design has brought some added safety and performance enhancements;

  • Increased Current Carrying Capacity
  • Increased Short Circuit Ratings
  • Increased Ingress Protection Rating
  • Reduced Insertion Force
  • Improved Cable Strain Relief
  • Improved Impact Resistance
  • Mounting Plates
  • Rubber Hand Grip for ease of coupling and added impact protection


IP 67 When Mated

With increased demand for temporary high power systems in entertainment & industrial applications, the choice of high current connectors is critical to ensure safety and reliability for every use.
Designed to connect single & three phase high current power circuits, PHASE 3 Powersafe single pole connectors are at the forefront of both safety and technical capability.
These connectors have been tried and  tested in some of the harshest environments worldwide; from the oil fields of Canada to data centres in the Arctic Circle.

Based on their impressive technical capabilities, added safety features, rugged construction, reliability and quality, they are a popular choice for professional engineers.

Standard safety features include a secondary locking system which requires a key to unlock the connection.

This is in addition to finger­proofed electrical contacts on all connectors, which reduces the risk of accidental contact when the connector is live.
Connectors are available in cable and panel-mount formats with either crimp or screw contacts.

Rated at SODA and BODA for single core cables from 25 – 300mm’.

PHASE3 Powersafe connectors are, at present, amongst the highest rated and safest connectors of their type on the market.




Original References

E Green 240mm – RLS0016 RLS-E-GN-C240-M40B

E Green 300mm – RLS0022 RLS-E-GN-C300-M40B

L1 Red 240mm – RLS0018 RLS-1-R-C240-M40B

L1 Red 300mm – RLS0028 RLS-1-R-C300-M40B

L2 White 240mm – RLS0019 RLS-2-WH-C240-M40B

L2 White 300mm – RLS0029 RLS-2-WH-C300-M40B

L3 Blue 240mm – RLS0021 RLS-3-BL-C240-M40B

L3 Blue 300mm – RLS0031 RLS-3-BL-C300-M40B

N Black 240mm – RLS0017 RLS-N-BK-C240-M40B

N Black 300mm – RLS0027 RLS-N-BK-C300-M40B




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E Green, L1 Red, L2 White, L3 Blue, N Black

800A Crimp

240mm, 300mm