Prolyte LiteDecks – Leg Frames

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Prolyte LiteDecks – Leg Frames


In the LiteDeck LegFrame system, Prolyte has developed the quickest and safest method for construction of
stages up to a total height of
2,47 metres. Using an all-aluminium tubular construction in combination with a clamp-on bracing, LiteDeck LegFrame systems are strong, light and very quick to build. All units are compatible with standard stage heights and step units.

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LD-LF-FT1115 48X4 LEG FRAMES 1115MM (6 STEP), LD-LF-M1115 48X4 METRIC LEG FRAMES 1115MM (6 STEP), LD-LF-FT1305 48X4 LEG FRAMES 1305MM (7 STEP), LD-LF-M1305 48X4 METRIC LEG FRAMES 1305MM (7 STEP), LD-LF-FT1495 48X4 LEG FRAMES 1495MM (8 STEP), LD-LF-M1495 48X4 METRIC LEG FRAMES 1495MM (8 STEP), LD-LF-FT1685 48X4 LEG FRAMES 1685MM (9 STEP), LD-LF-M1685 48X4 METRIC LEG FRAMES 1685MM (9 STEP), LD-LF-FT1875 48X4 LEG FRAMES 1875MM (10 STEP), LD-LF-M1875 48X4 METRIC LEG FRAMES 1875MM (10 STEP), LD-LF-FT2065 48X4 LEG FRAMES 2065MM (11 STEP), LD-LF-M2065 48X4 METRIC LEG FRAMES 2065MM (11 STEP), LD-LF-FT2255 48X4 LEG FRAMES 2255MM (12 STEP), LD-LF-M2255 48X4 METRIC LEG FRAMES 2255MM (12 STEP), LD-LF-FT2445 48X4 LEG FRAMES 2445MM (13 STEP), LD-LF-M2445 48X4 METRIC LEG FRAMES 2445MM (13 STEP)