Quest HPI12S 12″ Compact Passive Subwoofer

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Quest HPI12S 12″ Compact Passive Subwoofer



A small sub with a monster footprint. Fly it, hide it, hang it, as an ultra-compact passive sub bass for mobile audio or permanent installation, the HPI12S is a spectacular performer. Light in weight and high in LF output, the HPI12S is ideally suited to small medium sized venues that require authentic sub bass with a very low visual profile.


The custom built 12″ driver in the HPI12S is one of the very few loudspeakers with cone material made from Australian eucalyptus hardwood. This material has strength like a composite material but the warm sound of a cardboard cone; much loved by hi-fi enthusiasts. The benefit with the Quest driver is it can take serious punishment while still sounding like high end studio.


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