Quest HPI212S 12″ Compact High Definition Subwoofer

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Quest HPI212S 12″ Compact High Definition Subwoofer



The HPI212S is designed to deliver “big bass” to small and medium sized venues from a package that is easy to integrate within modern venue architecture. Stylish and practical the HPI212S also features a very smooth frequency response and the audio performance is more in the class of a much larger format system.


The first obvious attributes of the HPI212S are build quality and thoughtful design. The speaker transducers are custom built 12″ drivers and are one of the very few loudspeakers with cone material made from Australian eucalyptus hardwood. This material has strength like a composite material but the warm sound of a cardboard cone; much loved by hi-fi enthusiasts. The benefit with the Quest driver is it can take serious punishment while still sounding like high end studio.

Power handling is high and the 2 x 12″ front-loaded low profile sub-bass enclosure delivers enhanced sub bass and great percussive “punch” you would normally expect from a much larger format system.


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