Quest QM350i High Power 12″ Loudspeaker

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Quest QM350i High Power 12″ Loudspeaker



The QM350i is a multipurpose passive speaker system designed and built for professional mobile live sound applications and permanent audio installations. Featuring a 12″ + 1″ and asymmetrical wave-guide, the QM350i boasts power handling of 350 watts RMS (700w music power). This makes the QM350i the perfect mid powered versatile and hi-fidelity point source front of house speaker or fold-back monitor for professional applications.


Voice projection in venues with challenging acoustics is where the QM350i shines. This feature makes the QM350i a great choice for A/V and live sound production, particularly when highly intelligible voice reproduction is required. The high powered components and build construction will stand up to everything a rental department or permanent installation can throw at it. From the onset of a single event, an audio professional will begin to see how the QM350i has been designed and built by engineers with a long history of live production. The heavy gauge steel grill and recessed connectors coupled with the ergonomic casing design, make the QM350i a no compromise pro performer in the hands of any professional needing instant results.


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