Quest QM500 High Power 15″ Loudspeaker

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Quest QM500 High Power 15″ Loudspeaker



Much like the QM350i and QM700, the QM500 is perfect for situations where voice projection is required in challenging environments. The high powered components and solid build construction will stand up to the heavy demands of any rental company. The QM500 has been designed and manufactured with the same philosophy as all Qmotion products: to withstand demanding use in production environments.

Even the smallest details reveal the practical insight into the QM500 such as non slip skids on the base and side of the casing to prevent movement when the box is functioning as a foldback monitor on a timber floor. The heavy gauge steel grill and recessed connectors couple1)d with the ergonomic casing design, make the QM500 a no compromise pro performer in the hands of any professional who demands instant results.


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