Quest QTC1080i Ceiling Speaker

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Quest QTC1080i Ceiling Speaker



The Quest Q-Tech series QTC1080i ceiling speaker is a 5 taping 15 watt 100/70V line 2-way speaker that is optimised for wide dispersion high intelligibility vocal coverage in commercial environments.


The main body is made of propylene material, with a white magnetic steel grille and has connections via rear terminal strip. The loudspeaker can be connected as low impedance 16ohm  or as a 70/100 volt line system. Wattage tapings are: 1.87W, 3.75W, 7.5W, 15W. Cut-out size is 210mm


  • High Sensitivity 8” twin-cone driver designed for extended high frequency response
  • Transformer for 100V or 16Ω applications
  • Magnetic grille for seamless aesthetics
  • Cut-out template and painting mask supplied


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