RF Venue WaveTower

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RF Venue WaveTower



WaveTower is a patented platform from RF Venue that allows you to remotely monitor and manage RF spectrum activity over the web and on your Mac desktop.

Connect the included Tower Sensor (additional towers may also be added to your account) to a LAN or cellular data modem and access near real-time and historical RF scan data in your web browser. Monitor and manage local RF conditions from across town or across the globe.

15-2700 MHz scan range. BNC input for RF antenna, SMA input for GPS antenna. Powered by Micro USB port (5V).





  • Remote RF spectrum monitoring and management system
  • Included Tower Senor connects to IT network for remote spectrum monitoring
  • 15-2700 MHz scan range
  • BNC input for RF antenna, SMA input for GPS antenna
  • Powered from Micro USB port (5V)
  • Coordinate remotely based on real operating conditions
  • Monitor peak RF traffic times and identify interference
  • Pull historical spectrum activity to spot problems reported from the field as they occur
  • Requires WaveTower account and access (free or enterprise account)



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