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Rosco Stock Glass Colorizers


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Colorizer Technical Specifications

Rosco Colorizers are a unique creation for pattern projection – a high temperature glass substrate combined with multi-colored abstract breakup designs.

Colorizers have stretched designers imagination and creativity since their introduction five years ago.


  • Dense abstract stippling of color combinations create a tightly focused colored break ups or soft, diffused color blends. 
  • Combined with steel patterns, the stippled Colorizer adds dimension and depth to the projected image. Available in five color groups.Stippled:
  • Featherlight: Open, broken color pattern evenly balances color and white space. Add color filter to create more complex color schemes. Available in five color groups.
  • Free Flow: Free flow designs are colored throughout the design, with no discernible pattern to the color flow. These fully colored patterns are perfect for backing steel designs with broken color, or animating other images when used in Rosco Rotators. 
  • Available in three color groups.





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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 0.1 × 10 cm