Swisson XSD-R 12 x 2.5KW Sine Wave Dimmer Rack – 3 Phase Silent

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Swisson XSD-R 12 x 2.5KW Sine Wave Dimmer Rack – 3 Phase Silent Version


The XSD-R is a 19” Rack dimmer based on Swisson’s sine wave dimmer technology. Sine wave dimmer technology has many advantages over the conventional phase control dimming. The XSD Dimmers do not cause interference with audio and video equipment, they don’t generate reactive power nor do they create filament-sing on lamps. The XSD allows a fast and responsive, flash without generating huge current spikes.
Designed for inductive and capacitive loads, the XSD may be used as a switch or electronic transformer. The maximum output voltage can be set, for example, 110V. The output voltage is stabilized and mains supply fluctuations are compensated.
The XSD dimmers are protected against over voltage and all channels are short circuit proof. The electronic fuses can be remotely rearmed via DMX.
There are models with 12 x 2.5kW and 6 x 5kW available. The 2.5kW models are available with 12x Harting, Socapex or terminal connection.


  • 12x 2.5kW models (1unit x 19”)
  • 6 x 5kW models (1unit x 19”)
  • Socapex, Harting or terminal connection
  • Potentiometer per channel for manual operation and testing
  • LED status display
  • Intuitive menu navigation with graphic display
  • Short-circuit proof
  • Protection against over voltages
  • No disturbances
  • No filament sing
  • No reactive power
  • DMX-512
  • USB port for Firmware updates



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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 48 × 48 cm