Doughty Titan Clamp, Quick Trigger 48-80mm 100KG Aluminium Finish T58500

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A Quick Trigger Clamp to fit tubes of 48mm to 80mm. 


Rated at 100KG


Colour Aluminium Finish

Width 30mm


Doughty T58500


Hole M12


Weight 0.69KG


The Titan Quick Trigger Clamp design gives a high degree of safety by allowing one person to hang heavy luminaries and fixtures.

Quick Triggers are available in two versions standard version fits tubes from 38mm to 51mm and the new Titan Triggers fit tube sizes from 48mm to 80mm.

The jaws are sprung loaded to stay open leaving both hands free to lift and position the load.

The base of the clamp is slotted to hold either an M10 or M12 bolt head or nut captive without turning, the Quick Trigger Clamp is constructed from high tensile aluminium extrusions and has been tested and certified with TÜV.

The finish is polished also available in black.



Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 15 x 4 cm