TMB Solaris Flare Q+ Rayzr

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TMB Solaris Flare Q+ Rayzr


The World Famous Flare in Blade Format! Featuring Flare Q+ LED Driver and Cooling Technology





  • Available in 50 cm and 100 cm formats. 18 or 36 10W RGBW LEDs, 3-pixel groups.
  • Q+ Technology for virtually silent operation + increased brightness!
  • Function, Colors, and Brightness consistent with other Flare Q+ fixtures. Retrofit in existing systems.
  • Mounting options for end-to-end alignment, hanging, wall mounting, and pipe attachment
  • 36° beam angle optimized for most applications. 22°, 54°, and 70° options available.
  • Intense, deep reds and blues. Ultra-bright greens. Brilliant camera-friendly whites.
  • Simultaneous color wash and strobe in ONE fixture. All the features of the fabulous Flare.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 49.8 × 41 × 20.1 cm