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Triple E Unicyc

New Zealands Sole Distributor of the Industrys Best Track Systems By Triple E


Triple E track systems and custom designed equipment for use in the entertainment industry have a reputation for simple design, rugged construction and ease of installation.


Triple E was founded in 1984 and specialises in developing and manufacturing equipment and products for the entertainment industry.

Our first product the ‘Loose Pin Hinge’, used by many for scenery construction, won Triple E its first ABTT Product of the Year award in 1984. Since that time we have won 3 more ABTT awards as well as awards in Germany and the USA for our tracking systems.

Curtain and Scenery track systems are their core business and have earned a worldwide reputation for their quality and reliability.

Unitrack was our first system and is still our most specified product, you will find it wherever a system is needed for touring, rental, being moved on a regular basis or transformed from one effect to another.

There are now eight systems in our repertoire from the lightweight 2Way to the duplex chain driven Unibeam and Chainbeam tracks.

Showtechnix offer all Triple E systems, and custom and non standard layouts and effects






UNICYC is constructed from four identical square aluminium tubes spaced apart by an H-section extrusion, These components are held together using M6 screws that lock into continuous threaded slots in the track tubes. The system can be purchased either fully assembled or as a kit that can be assembled with a cordless driver. The system is available in lengths up to 6m long. Curves are available with a minimum radius of 1m.

The track has been developed with the specific needs of T.V. studio installation in mind.

Dropout sections, side stretch beams and floor tracks are all available with this system.


UNICYC is constructed from four identical aluminium extrusions joined together by a further H-section extrusion. The four extruded rails incorporate an open slot with an extruded thread to engage with the fasteners which locate the H-extruded track clip enabling the clips to be spaced according to the load being carried at that point in the track run, a valuable feature in TV studios where the cyclorama cloth is parked in a bunch and can impose the maximum load over the shortest distance. Sections of track are joined together using four steel spigots and setscrew fasteners. UNICYC comes in its natural aluminium finish unpainted.

UNICYC can be ordered and delivered in kit form for customer assembly, with straight sections available in lengths of up to 6m, and a box containing H-clips, spigots and fasteners enabling rapid assembly on site using a cordless screwdriver.

The arrangement of the four extruded rails mimics the spacing of UNITRACK rails and therefore all the suspension fittings designed for with UNITRACK can be used with UNICYC.

The UNICYC points system is a requirement in TV studios where twin or triple cyclorama tracks are used. This is the only points system for curtain tracks available as an off-the-shelf product and is provided in both ‘Y’ and ‘crossover’ types. They have also been designed to have the smallest number of moving parts to ensure reliability and ease of maintenance. Both manual and electric operation are available options. The standard track centres for this system is 150mm.

If the track upright clip clashes with a suspension point, all you need to do is slacken the clip fasteners and slide it out of the way before re-tightening. By the same process, should any track sections become damaged, it can simply be removed and a new extrusion fitted.

The runners for UNICYC are twin wheeled and therefore can be inserted or removed anywhere along the track run, a useful feature on long track runs.


The following test data for recommended Safe Working Loadings for the UNICYC track has been included for our customers use and information and the ratings should not be exceeded without reference to our sales department where guidance and advice will be available.

UNICYC suspended at 1m Centres – 100Kgf. (UDL) per metre

UNICYC suspended at 2m Centres – 50Kgf. (UDL) per metre

UNICYC suspended at 3m Centres – 20Kgf. (UDL) per metre

UNICYC weighs 2.94Kg per metre


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