Wahlberg DMX Projector Dowser / Shutter with Remote Control

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Wahlberg DMX Projector Dowser / Shutter with Remote Control



Blocks waste light from the video projector.

Simple and easy solution with a motor-driven flap.

Direct control from the lighting desk.

The shutter is programmed as a conventional lamp and added to the cue list.


How it works:

The shutter is mounted on top of the projector, so the flap can be turned in front of the lens to block the light from the projector.

The flap is mounted on a motor controlled by a DMX signal from the lighting desk.

The shutter can be programmed as a normal light fixture and added to the cue list (or the like).

The shutter is easily mounted, as the motor part weighs only 300 g (10.5 oz).

The shutter with ON/OFF switch can also be controlled by DMX.


Contents of the Projector Shutter:

1 Projector Shutter unit.


1 ON/OFF switch.

1 30cm cable for ON/OFF connection to the shutter.  5 pin xlr

1 Small Flap (diam. 100mm / 3.9 in).

1 Big Flap (diam. 140mm / 5.5 in).

1 Screwdriver for mounting the flaps.

1 Power plug NZ 10A


Additional Optional Equipment:

Mega Flap (diam. 210mm / 8.2 in). For wide angle lenses.

ON/OFF switch. For direct control without a DMX signal.


Pin connections, 5 pole XLR plug male / female mounted on the shutter.
Pin 1. GND/0 volt
Pin 2. DMX data –
Pin 3. DMX data
Pin 4. 5 volt DC, for the lamp in ON/OFF switch. (ON/OFF function only)
Pin 5. ON/OFF switch signal, connect to GND for Shutter action. (ON/OFF function only)


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 cm