Swisson XMT 120A DMX Tester

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Swisson XMT 120A DMX Tester


The XMT-120A is the new generation of powerful DMX-512 measurement and test equipment for architecture, entertainment, film and TV lighting and installations using DMX512.

The versatile functions of the XMT-120A simplify the debugging of lighting and installations, or any application where DMX is used to control lighting.
The unit can monitor DMX-512 signals as well as analyze and display them. The device can also generate DMX-512 signal and supports the control of more complex DMX-512 fixtures such as moving lights.

The testing of RGB LED lighting with many channels is easy to do with the XMT-120A.

With additional features such as cable tester, timing analysis, sequence editor, channel “tracer”, dip-switch display, flicker finder, and Min / Max display this device is ideal for troubleshooting and resolving DMX-512 signal challenges and yet remains very simple to operate.
The XMT-120A can be connected via USB to a PC. The Windows software allows managing the fixture library for intelligent devices and uploading firmware updates.

  • DMX receiver
  • DMX transmitter
  • RGB LED control
  • Moving light control
  • Cable tester
  • Channel tracer
  • Dip-switch display
  • Programmable sequence
  • Timing analyzer
  • Adjustable DMX frame rate
  • PC software
  • And more

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