xVision HDBaseT TX and RX Converters

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Theatrixx Technologies
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xVision HDBaseT TX and RX Converters


HDBaseT converters designed with rental and staging in mind. Completely compatible with HDBaseT 1.0 devices, these new units support HDCP-protected content transmission at up to 4K30 resolutions thanks to their HDMI 1.4 ports.

HDBaseT connectivity is provided on a professional locking EtherCON connector, preventing accidental disconnection.

An auxiliary 10/100 Mpbs Ethernet port is also included for remote LAN control of projectors, media servers, etc.

The units have been tested with a good-quality CAT6 STP cable and are capable of up to 100 meters transmission with a 4K30 signal with no compression of latency.


Professional equipment in mission-critical applications is all about reliability and confidence. So we started with a clean sheet, and built what may soon become your most trustworthy piece of equipment.

Introducing the world’s first video converters truly designed for the road. Video converters nowadays are used everywhere on profesionnal A/V events, presentations, live shows and tours and often have a critical role. Yet, they are often the weakest link in the signal chain. Low quality connectors, weak enclosure, external consumer-grade power supply, and overall barebones design that all contribute to a generally unreliable piece of equipment. We wanted to change that, so we designed the xVision Video Converters.

  • Integrated power supply with locking PowerCON connector. Never rely on a cluster of wall-warts again.
  • Built-in convenience 120V outlet to power nearby projector, TV, laptop…Power bar to power both the converter and device not required anymore.
  • Magnetic stacking system and non-skid rubber pad. Saves at least 10 gaffer tape rolls a year.
  • Multiple mounting options : Pipe coupler, wall-mount adapter, LCD mount adapter.
  • Rugged, tour-ready and aesthetic enclosure: The sexiest widget in your tool box, that will keep looking good for years to come.
  • Plug-n-play operation; No dipswitches, buttons or menus to fumble with : It just works.
  • Clear and ample status LED indicators for quick troubleshooting
  • Easy on-the-field identification with unique color and alphabetic coding system
  • Proudly designed and assembled in Canada.


Presentation video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOtLi1HTcUI



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