Admiral Staging RIKGSN18 Snake Stacking and Anchor Set Self Build

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Admiral Staging
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Admiral Staging RIKGSN18 Snake Stacking and Anchor Set Self Build




This set contains 2 stacking brackets, 2 anchors and a mouting kit.The stacking brackets are the brackets that support the Snake cable guide when it is folded.
You need 2 brackets to support the weight of the stacked length parts.

Two anchors allow you to anchor your Snake at the top to the ceiling or a tube and at the bottom to your truss or single tube. The pre-drilled holes fit a M8 U-bracket (provided in the assembly set) or a M10 bolt.

The mounting kit provided in this set is needed to mount the Snake to a single tube and to anchor it to the ceiling.

In this kit you will find:

  • 4 x M8 nyloc nuts
  • 4 x Grid U-wire brackets 51 x 75mm M8
  • 4 x Immersion caps RD 13x 25mm PVC
  • 4 x M8 x 24mm high nuts

For mounting on truss, depending on the truss dimensions, you also need the extension set for 30 truss (zink: RIKGSN121 or black: RIKGSN121B) or 40 truss (zink: RIKGSN122 or black: RIKGSN122B).

Always follow our Snake safety guidelines when it concerns the height of your Snake.

Stacking too many length parts on top of each other will cause an unstable construction. The stacking brackets are not long enough to provide support when you build a Snake higher than our recommendations. Furthermore, a high stack of elements will block your truss in the upper position. (Not being able to hoist the truss against the ceiling)

If you want to build a Snake cable guide with a 4 mt base, you need the Snake stacking and anchor set for 4 meter base Snake (zink: RIKGSN18E or black: RIKGSN18BE).




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