Altair EF-200 Dual Channel Intercom Master Station

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Altair EF-200 Dual Channel Intercom Master Station


The EF-200 Master station unit includes the power supply for powering all the intercom components in the system. In the case of a short-circuit on any point of the line, the unit shuts down with automatic an instantaneous recovery after the fix is cleared.

The system can drive up to 50 single channel beltpacks, 15 desk stations and other combinations.

Separated dual channels are provided with independent Talk, and Listen A-B balance. Linking both channels is made easy from the front panel buttons.

All the components in the system incorporate digital control to implement different task as Mic Kill, remote buzzer switch-off, latch or PTT mic switching, etc.

Remote all mic switch-off helps the operator maintain a lower noise contribution on the system.

Thanks to the remote buzzer function, there is no possibility of emitting undesired audible calls during public performances.

The unit features new functions as our novel emergency supply driven by a small battery that powers the whole intercom system in case of a drop in the electricity supply. System expandability is built in the design allowing the creation of multichannel systems by adding more Master stations with link connections. This feature allows free system design and in-site future upgrades.

The station includes program input (mic/line) with level attenuator assignable to any of the two channels and mic output to address PA messages from headset operator. Relay contacts are provided that follow the PA button action, letting the installer program multiple automatic tasks such as Tally, speaker switching and cue lights, among others.


Compatible with all 3 wire systems, TecPro, ClearCom, Production Intercom etc


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