ETC ColorSource Spot V

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ETC ColorSource Spot V


Product Features

  • The five-color array includes red, green, blue, indigo, and lime. Get bold saturated colours like indigos and reds, and soft pastels for beautiful skin tone rendering – all from a single array.
  • powerCON True1 TOP connector for secure connection that can be detached while under load.
  • Go completely wireless with Multiverse® and gain up to 10 universes of wireless DMX/RDM control. Scale your wireless systems like you never thought possible!
  • Next level brightness without sacrificing high-quality colour.NFC configuration from your mobile device when used with ETC’s free Set Light app. Set the fixture properties, even if the fixture isn’t powered on. This means fixture hang and configuration just got more efficient!
  • ETC set the standard for fixed-focus lenses, ranging from 5 to 90°. Whether you chose standard, EDLT, or XDLT lenses, you’re getting high-quality optics that have proven themselves for over 30 years.
  • Zoom lens tubes enable the ultimate in spotlight flexibility. One-handed zoom/focus operation makes ColorSource easy to adjust in any position. Available in 25-50° or 15-30° ranges
  • ColorSource Spot V with a Fresnel Adapter unlocks dazzling washes with delicately soft edges, smooth overlap, and even distribution, seamlessly blending from fixture to fixture. Try it with barndoors! The CYC Adapter transforms your ColorSource Spot V into a powerful tool that turns ordinary cycloramas and backdrops into color-rich, eye-catching works of art.





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