Jackson LIFEGUARD 34

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Jackson LIFEGUARD 34



The LIFEGUARD 34 units may be fitted with a range of multi-voltage and multi-amperage sockets with the appropriately rated RCDs and MCBs.

The LIFEGUARD 34 system has a maximum capacity of 250A and can be designed with many combinations of socket outlets, up to and including 125A. It is manufactured with cable tie bars for protection of leads supplied from this LIFEGUARD®.

Expansion and Flexibility
LIFEGUARD34 units can be fitted with MCCB protection and an extensive range of socket outlets. The LIFEGUARD 34 enclosures are also adaptable for a large range of other applications including: generators, housing sensors, control components and other electronic equipment, particularly in its harsh environment.


Custom Built Power Distros
Built to your exact needs
Options include
  • Connectors
  • Layout
  • Power Monitoring
  • Phase Indicators
  • RCD or RCBO Protection
Built to AS/NZ Standards






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Weight 25 kg