Jackson LIFEGUARD 86

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Jackson LIFEGUARD 86



LIFEGUARD 86 boasts a generously sized GRP enclosure designed for installation of higher amperage fittings, larger MCCBs, RCDs and socket outlets.

LIFEGUARD 86 unit is an enclosure with a moulded lid to accommodate requirements of multi-voltage and multi-amperage sockets to service the demands of many industrial work areas. Often used in areas where many variations may be necessary, especially take-off points for larger generators.

Expansion and Flexibility:
LIFEGUARD 86 can be fitted with RCD and MCCB protection and a wide range of socket outlets. This unit can be mounted on an upright frame, provision for metering is available.

The LIFEGUARD 86 enclosures are adaptable for a wide range of other applications including: generators, factory shut downs, housing sensors, control components and other electronic equipment, particularly in harsh environments.

*Please note that we currently do not have a Brochure available for this product, please contact our Sales team to discuss if this product is right for your requirements.


Custom Built Power Distros
Built to your exact needs
Options include
  • Connectors
  • Layout
  • Power Monitoring
  • Phase Indicators
  • RCD or RCBO Protection
Built to AS/NZ Standards







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