Le Maitre Chameleon Propane Style Flame

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Le Maitre
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Le Maitre Chameleon Propane Style Flame



The Chameleon is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to create a propane-style flame without the headaches.

Using a re-loadable canister system, the Chameleon performs just like a propane system but at a fraction of the cost and set-up time.

No accumulators or hoses to worry about, it can be set-up to strike in minutes and is tough enough for the most rigorous tours.

Flames can be fired in columns up to 4m high or in quick succession fire balls.

Fuel cells are available in natural (butane/propane) and red (methanol/ethanol), with the red fuel cells having the added advantage of permitting the use of the Chameleon in venues prohibiting the use of propane.




  • Propane-style flame up to 4m
  • Mini internal accumulator
  • On-board DMX 512 support
  • Simple set-up with canister convenience
  • Dual canisters for up to 90 seconds of continuous flame







Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 20 × 120 cm