EM Acoustics M12 Passive / Biamp Stage monitor

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EM Acoustics
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Introducing M12 Passive / Biamp Stage Monitor


The M-12 is the reference stage monitor from EM Acoustics – a compact two-way design intended to satisfy the most demanding artist. 

Whilst it is possible to run the M-12 as a bi-amplified unit, it is intended to be used in passive mode where it will outperform many bi-amplified or DSP-processed designs.


The enclosure contains a 12” (305mm) LF drive unit, linked via the internal passive crossover network to a 3” (76mm) diaphragm, 1.4” (36mm) exit HF compression drive unit. 

The HF drive unit is coupled to a variable dispersion waveguide, which produces a 90°H x 40°V dispersion pattern at one metre, narrowing to 50°H x 40°V at three metres. 


This narrower dispersion at distance means a performer has freedom of movement at close range, whilst minimising spill into adjacent microphones at distance.


The robust enclosure is constructed from premium multi-laminate Birch plywood and is finished in impact resistant textured paint. 

The M-12 is supplied in black as standard, however RAL colour matching and weather protection options are also available if required. 

The front of the loudspeaker is protected by a rigid steel grille backed with acoustically transparent foam. 

Two steel bar handles and non-slip rubber feet complete the hardware package, and six NL4 connectors (2 each end, 2 on the front) allow for maximum cabling flexibility. 

The M-12 is available as either left or right-handed variants for stage pairing.


The M-12 requires a single amplifier channel in passive mode, and should be used with professional power amplifiers capable of delivering 750-1000W RMS into an 8-ohm load. 

For best results, the EM Acoustics AQ-3 or AQ-10 power amplifiers should be used.


Enclosure Type                                         two-way passive/biamp switchable, reflex-loaded floor monitor

Components                                             1 x 12″ (305mm) neodymium LF drive unit

                                                                    1 x 1.4″ (36mm) exit neodymium HF drive unit

Dimensions (HxWxD), mm/(ins)              368 (14.5) x 588 (23.1) x 444 (17.5)Net/Shipping Weight26/28kg (57.2/61.6lbs)

Frequency Response                               65Hz – 20kHz /- 3dB

Nominal Dispersion                                 90°H x 40°V (one metre)50°H x 40°V (three metres)

Maximum SPL                                         130dB continuous, 136dB peak

Power Handling                                       480W RMS, 960W program

Nominal Impedance                                8 ohms passive, biamp LF/HF 8 ohmsApplicationsStage monitoring


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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 55 × 130 cm